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NLP Master Practitioner Program

NLP Accreditation & Certifications with Ashish Sehgal

NLP Master Practitioner Training at NLP Authority – Elevate Your Mastery with ABNLP Certification

Welcome to NLP Authority’s NLP Master Practitioner Training, an advanced program designed for individuals who have successfully completed the NLP Practitioner level and are ready to deepen their expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Led by the distinguished Dr. Ashish Sehgal, a veteran with over 20 years in the field, our Master Practitioner Training promises to take your NLP skills to new heights.

The Advanced Craft of Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • NLP Modelling Excellence

    Learn how to model the behaviors and thought processes of highly successful individuals to replicate their achievements.

  • Linguistsic Artistry

    Learn to identify and utilize more nuanced patterns in speech and behavior to understand people's thoughts and motivations better.

  • Metaphor Mastery

    Be a master at using metaphors and strategically ambiguous language to create positive change and influence.

  • Belief Hacking

    Learn the powerful art of Slieght of Mouth, and reprogram beliefs conversationally.

  • Conversational Hypnosis

    Gain a deeper understanding of how to use trance states for therapeutic purposes and personal development, conversationally

Why attend NLP Master Practitioner Training?

  • Deepens NLP Knowledge

    You'll build on your NLP Practitioner foundation by learning more advanced techniques and applications of NLP.

  • Develops Mastery

    Through guided practice and supervised application of NLP skills, you'll refine your abilities and become more confident using NLP.

  • Expands Your NLP Toolkit

    The program will introduce you to new NLP tools and frameworks that you can integrate into your existing NLP skillset.

  • Enhances Skill and Growth

    NLP Master Practitioner programs often delve into personal development, helping you improve your communication, influence, and overall effectiveness.

  • Potential for Training Others

    NLP Master Practitioner Certification makes you eligible to attend NLP Trainers Training and to become an NLP trainer yourself, allowing you to teach others these valuable skills.

Overall Program Structure:

  • Participants are expected to have a strong foundation in NLP and have completed an accredited NLP Practitioner program.
  • The curriculum is divided into core modules, with additional elective modules offered for further specialization.

Program Highlights:

  1. Advanced NLP Techniques: Explore and master advanced NLP techniques that go beyond the basics, including advanced language patterns, submodalities, and strategies for profound change.

  2. Timeline Therapy and Regression Techniques: Dive into the concept of timelines and leverage timeline therapy for resolving deep-seated issues. Learn regression techniques to explore and heal past experiences.

  3. Meta-Programs and Advanced Modeling: Delve deeper into the intricacies of meta-programs and refine your ability to recognize and utilize them for effective communication and influence. Explore advanced modeling techniques to replicate excellence.

  4. Advanced Anchoring and Integrating Resources: Enhance your anchoring skills with more sophisticated techniques. Learn how to anchor and integrate positive resources to facilitate holistic personal development.

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NLP Master Practitioner Modules

Module 1: Advanced Language Patterns & Meta NLP

  • Subtleties of Language: Identifying micro-expressions, tonality, and unconscious language patterns for deeper understanding.
  • Advanced Meta Model and Milton Model: Mastering the art of using metaphors, ambiguity, and embedded commands for purposeful influence and change.
  • Metaphors for Change: Crafting and utilizing powerful metaphors to create positive shifts in mindset and behavior.

Module 2: Deepening Trance Techniques

  • Advanced Hypnotic Inductions: Exploring various hypnotic induction techniques for inducing trance states for therapeutic applications.
  • Trance Applications: Using trance states for phobias, habit change, pain management, and past life regression (if ethically approved by the program).
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy Integration: Learning how to integrate NLP techniques with hypnotherapy for a holistic approach.

Module 3: Mastery & Coaching Skills

  • Modeling Excellence: Extracting the behavioral patterns and thought processes of successful individuals for replication.
  • Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching: Refining coaching skills to effectively guide clients through NLP techniques for personal development.
  • Providing Effective Feedback: Developing the ability to give constructive and supportive feedback to enhance learning and growth.
  • Coaching Supervision: Receiving individual or group coaching supervision from experienced trainers to refine coaching skills.

Module 4: Expanding Your NLP Toolkit

  • Advanced NLP Models and Frameworks: Introduction to advanced models like Time Line Therapy®, Neuro-Semantics®, or NLP for Business applications.
  • Designing NLP Interventions: Learning to tailor NLP interventions to specific client needs and desired outcomes.
  • Ethical Considerations in Advanced NLP: Exploring the ethical implications of using advanced NLP techniques and maintaining professional boundaries.

Module 5: Personal and Professional Development

  • Advanced Communication Mastery: Developing the ability to communicate persuasively, build strong rapport, and influence others ethically.
  • NLP for Leadership and Influence: Learning NLP techniques to enhance leadership skills, inspire teams, and manage conflict effectively.
  • Advanced Goal Setting with NLP: Leveraging NLP to set clear, compelling goals, overcome limiting beliefs, and achieve them with greater focus and motivation.

Module 6: Integration & Mastery Project

  • Case Study Development: Participants will choose a real-world case study and design a comprehensive NLP intervention plan.
  • Live Coaching Practice: Supervised opportunities to practice advanced NLP coaching skills with volunteer clients.
  • Mastery Project Presentation: Participants will present their case study and intervention plan, demonstrating their mastery of NLP techniques.

Specialization Modules (Optional):

  • NLP for Business: Negotiation, Sales, and Team Building
  • NLP and Health: Pain Management, Stress Reduction, and Phobia Treatment
  • NLP for Education: Teaching and Learning Strategies with NLP
  • NLP and Creativity: Enhancing Innovation and Problem-solving

Assessment & Certification:

  • Successful completion of all modules, assignments, and the mastery project will lead to a certification as a “Master Practitioner of NLP.”
  • The assessment may include written exams, practical skills demonstrations, peer evaluations, and trainer feedback

Additional Considerations:

  • Code of Ethics: The program should emphasize the importance of adhering to a professional code of ethics when practicing NLP.
  • Continuous Learning: Resources and guidance for ongoing professional development and staying updated on advancements in NLP should be provided.
  • Community Building: Opportunities to connect with other NLP practitioners and create a supportive learning community can be fostered.

Elevate your NLP expertise and join a community of elite practitioners who are making a significant impact in their lives and the lives of others. Enroll in NLP Authority’s Master Practitioner Training today and become a master of the art and science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Master Your Skills. Transform Lives. NLP Master Practitioner Training – Your Journey to Excellence.

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