NLP Trainer – Dr. Ashish Sehgal

NLP Trainer Ashish Sehgal
NLP Accreditation & Certifications with Ashish Sehgal

NLP Trainer Credentials

  • Doctorate in NLP, Mental Health & Social Welfare (h.c.)
  • NLP Master Trainer
  • NLP Trainer – Society of NLP & ABNLP
  • NLP Master Coach & Master Practitioner
  • Emotional Intelligence Meta Master Trainer (SoEI)
  • Serving as a NLP Trainer & Coach since 2004.
  • Overall 35+ years of Work Experience
  • ¬†Founder
    • BusinessUniv Leadership & Coaching Academy (2004)
    • Mind Sanctum, Gurgaon (2015)
    • RelateCraft ~ Relationship Coach Training

Dr. Ashish Sehgal stands as a highly accomplished NLP Trainer, dedicated to assisting individuals in unlocking their full potential. With a Doctorate. in NLP, Mental Health & Social Welfare (honorary), over 35 years of rich experience, and a distinguished record as an NLP Master Trainer, Dr. Sehgal brings a unique and potent approach to NLP education.

Educational Philosophy:

Influenced by NLP pioneers and renowned therapists, Dr. Sehgal’s teaching philosophy is a blend of various masters’ insights, shaping a powerful approach:

  1. Dr. Richard Bandler & John Grinder: The core curriculum reflects the focus on modeling excellence and the power of language patterns, inspired by Bandler and Grinder.

  2. Dr. Milton Erickson: Elements of Ericksonian Hypnosis and storytelling are incorporated for an indirect and metaphorical learning experience.

  3. Robert Dilts: Innovative work on neuro-logical levels and logical levels of learning by Dilts is seamlessly integrated into Dr. Sehgal’s programs, offering a framework for transforming thought patterns.

  4. Fritz Perls & Virginia Satir: Drawing on Gestalt Therapy and Family Therapy insights, Dr. Sehgal emphasizes self-awareness, personal responsibility, and healthy communication patterns.

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  • NLP Trainer: Recognized by both the Society of NLP and ABNLP, signifying profound mastery of NLP principles.
  • NLP Master Coach & Master Practitioner: Demonstrating expertise beyond training, Dr. Sehgal delivers impactful results.
  • Emotional Intelligence Meta Master Trainer (SoEI): Pioneering Emotional Intelligence training with the Society of Emotional Intelligence.
  • 35+ Years of Work Experience: Bringing practical knowledge and insights to his role as an NLP Trainer and Coach.

Founder of Transformative Ventures:

  • BusinessUniv Leadership & Coaching Academy (2004): A hub for personal and professional transformation through NLP and coaching.
  • Mind Sanctum, Gurgaon (2015): Dedicated to holistic well-being through NLP and related disciplines.
  • RelateCraft ~ Relationship Coach Training: Fostering healthy relationships through relationship coach training.

Passion-Driven Journey and Influences:

Spanning 35 years, Dr. Ashish Sehgal’s journey is fueled by an unwavering passion for researching and working with NLP, inspired by legends like Dr. Milton Erickson and Jiddu Krishnamurti.

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